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Used Haunts For Sale

Hauntrepreneurs® is the only broker specializing in selling previously owned Haunted Houses, Haunted Hay Rides, Haunted Trails, Dark Rides and Haunting Equipment for the Haunted Attraction Industry. Formed in 1987 the company has sold hundreds of attractions to Amusement Parks, Family Fun Centers, and individuals all over the country. Working as a middleman Hauntrepreneurs® hammers out price negotiations, prepares contracts, and makes sure that both parties act in good faith throughout the process. In addition, Hauntrepreneurs® can provide services to the buyer/seller including Installation Assistance, Event Consulting, Refurbishment and Attraction Redesign. “We put our reputation on the line each time we bring a buyer and seller together and strive to create a “win-win” opportunity for the clients!” Leonard Pickel Hauntrepreneurs®

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3,600SF Mixed Theme Haunt

 8,100 SF Three Haunt Scream Park

Zombie Paint Ball Busses and Equipment


CLICK HERE to see some of the attractions that Hauntrepreneurs® has sold for our clients.