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What people are saying about Hauntrepreneurs!

“Leonard’s layout and designs absolutely transformed our 2 Haunts!  I cannot thank him enough for lifting the standard of our haunts to such a professional level, while also more than doubling throughput. The haunts and feedback exceeded our expectations.”  Dale Pope of Spooktober in Melbourne, Australia


Just finished listening to one of Leonard Pickel‘s podcasts on Haunt Topic yesterday! A wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all your help and insight into the Haunt Industry.  CornStalkers Trail of Terror 


I took several of [Leonard Pickel’s] classes, brought that home and our charity haunt TRIPLED in $$$. AND, designing the haunt and the facade and all.” OMG. That is utterly ridiculous. [Leonard] you are and are an amazing asset to the haunt industry.                                          Cindy of Haunted Hall of Horrors