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Zombie Paintball Busses and Equipment

This is your chance to add a Zombie Paintball element to your haunted attraction. This package includes everything you need for a 2 bus add on, including guns, zombie protective gear, even paint balls. 


Zombie Paintball Assets/Pkg        
Item Condition Details Make Model
2006 Bus Good was a 72 passenger school bus. Has a 8.3 cummins engine and allsion transmission. 225K miles. Is now full equipped for 30 paintball guns to attach with pressure hoses and tanks. Runs well and is road worthy.


BLBD A3 RE 3904S
2003 Bus Good 2003 bluebird 72 passenger bus. 8.3 cummins 24 valve engine with Allison 300 transmission. Low miles and runs great! Is now fully equipped for 30 paintball guns to attach with pressure hoses, bench seating, hoses, and tanks.


BLUB A3 FE 7200 S
Neon Light Strips Good 4 light strips on each bus sides


Black Light Bulb Good Lights on top of busses


Monster Masks Good 10 Masks to put over paintball face guards to make actors look like zombies


Paintball Face Guards Good 10 face guards


Paintball Suites Good 10 pads for actors to wear


Paintball Guns Excellent Practically new paintball guns. Only used for 1 event.


1 Pallet of Paintballs Excellent      
Non-Compressor Bulk Tank Supplement Excellent      
Bus – Main Manifold Excellent      
Bus – Operator Control Manifold Excellent      
Gun – Air Supply Excellent      
Gun – Setups Excellent      
Zombie Actor Equipment Excellent      
Operations Equipment Excellent      
Installation Excellent      

Condition of the equipment is very good, only used one year. Mechanics, Artwork, guns are in great condition. Owner purchased the attraction for a one-time event and is now selling.

Asking Price is $99,000
FOB Salt Lake City, UT

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com