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Museum Design

Attraction Name (#3): Code Blue

Years Operated:
2005, 2006 and 2007

Designed and built by: Dark Attractions in 2005

Attraction was enlarged & enhanced in 2006 for Ultimate Terrors. Additional detailing, scenes & props added in 2007.

Max. Width: 30′ Depth: 75′ Max. Height: 12′

Usable Sq. Footage: 2100  Capacity: 800/hour
Façade: 16′ wide by 12′ high, industrial motif with fog flowing from fans every 30 seconds

Number of Panels: 100 + Construction Material: 7′ high plywood
Number of Rooms: 15  Number of Actors Required: 10-12
Ticket Takers:Tech Support: 0

Complete lighting: Standard clamp fixtures, blacklights, strobelights, beacon lights. Complete temporary electrical (spider boxes, extension cords & power strips). 115v single phase power, 200 amps min. required at installation site. Complete sound:  3 CD players with powered speaker systems. Complete costumes and masks.

Animations: 2 kickers, air canon, ankle ticklers, Barrel Drop, Sagging bridge & shock wall
Compressor Size: approx. 8-10 gallon

Condition: all very good to excellent

image0055.jpg image0133.jpg image0083.jpg image0094.jpgimage0033.jpg image0103.jpg

Room Designs

Intro Area –Emergency occurs as host explains tour.  Emergency lights come on and sirens sound. Door closes behind group to close them in.
Reception Area / Secretary’s Desk – Secretarial/reception area with detour door blocked sending customers through the Authorized Personnel Only door.
Containment Suits – Several containment suits along hallway, one contains an actor.
Toxic Storage – Drums of toxic waste, various decorations. Character hidden within appears. Barrels located on a shelf will have a controlled fall (makes loud noise and they swing a few inches forward).
Decontamination Area – Dense fog and strobe lights
Warning Sign Drop – Warning sign drops to reveal character
Laboratory – Lab scene with mad scientist character
Body Bags – Several heavy burlap bags hang from ceiling. Guests must push through them.
Camo Net Hall – Wall of camo net, character is behind camo
Light Tunnel – Moonflower lighting effect & fog makes it impossible to see hidden character.
Cage Creature – Character behind wire cage creates a spark.
Dungeon – 3 tortured creatures behind dungeon bars. Chained character comes alive and lunges towards audience.
Kickers – Window reviews kickers.Two move via compressor.
Toxic Waste SwampBridge allows guests to walk across toxic pond (Bridge moves up and down a limited amount due to spring support).  Car grill hidden in trees startles guests as horn sounds and lights flash.
Pitch Black – Dark area with ankle ticklers, shock walls and hanging webs (fishing line)
Laser Tunnel Hall – Laser light effect in fog, air blast (air cannon) scares guests as they exit.

image0063.jpg image0043.jpg image0113.jpg image0023.jpgimage0023.jpg image0073.jpg image0122.jpg image0143.jpg

Cose Blue is part of a 3 Haunt Package

Asking Price: $140,000 for total 3 Haunt package.
FOB Altamont, New York 12209
For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email