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REDUCED: 9,000sf Custom Haunted Walk-through AND 9,000sf 18 Hole Blacklight Mini-Golf Course, PLUS tools, pallet shelving and MORE!

This has to be the most comprehensive haunt package we have ever sold. Not only a 9,000 sf haunted house but also an 18 hole mini golf course of similar size, ticket booth set up, office and breakroom furniture, and even enough puzzles for four escape rooms. More than six 50-foot semi-trailers worth of haunted house props, electronics, sets, animations and materials and so much more. All of this is currently stored in a climate-controlled facility, nicely palletized or in 4’x4’x7’ wooden crates ready for shipping to a new home.


The haunted attraction was designed, built and operated by Haunting Productions in 2000 and the haunted mini golf in 2013. Both elements were operational through 2018.

Haunted House Staffing Required: 15-30 actors, with one Ticket Taker and three Tech Support staff. Mini Golf Staff Required: 1-2 Ticket sellers, one maintenance staff. Haunted House wall panels are treated with No Char (https://nochar.com) flame retardant spray.

Over $30K worth of animatronics, $130K worth of props Brand new outdoor TV monitors, 12 fog machines, compressor, Fire Alarm Panel, Smoke Detectors, Emergency Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting Packs and 32 Fire Extinguishers. Attraction Signage, Light Fixtures, both fright and overall Sound system with 12 speakers.
ROOM DESIGNS: This massive 9,000 sf haunted attraction is divided into 11 differently themed sections: Alien Bugs, Sewer 1 & 2, Dental Wing, Church Morgue, Wooden Shack, Forrest Swamp, Mannequin Room, Ally Intersection, Abandoned House, Butcher Room and Junk Yard. Each themed area has 2-4 room designs for a total of 45 scares.

PLUS: $13k worth of tools – both corded and cordless., 2 Searchlights, a scissor lift, party room tables, tables with umbrellas, propane heater, queue line Stanchions, tents for queue line
and more. (Full Inventory Available by request)

OVER $450,000 worth of equipment!

BONUS: Enough puzzles for 4 Escape Rooms (Game room walls not included).

NOT INCLUDED: Electrical Panel for power distribution, and semi-trailers for storage or shipping.

Condition of Attraction: Very Good, Mechanics: Very Good, Props: Very Good, Artwork: Very Good, Electrical: Very Good, Panels: Fair to Very Good, Cosmetics: Good

Reason for Selling: Lost location after 18 successful seasons, and it’s time for the owner to retire.

Units are is in Excellent Condition

Asking Price is $175,000

FOB Jefferson City, Missouri

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com