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Museum Design

The Chamber of Horrors

Little Rock, AR | $16,500

The 13,000 sq. ft. Chamber of Horrors is a Toxic Waste themed modular attraction built in 2003 and operated Octobers 2004 – 2007, and was Renovated and Redesigned for the 2007 season. The 250 wall panels included with this attraction are built with the plywood extended on one end to create a “tongue and grove” system for quick assembly. This unit consists of scenically painted wall panels only, which were assembled into an 18 room attraction in 2007. The materials would fill two 48′ Trailers (not Included) and are presently stored indoors.

  • Approx. 250 Scenically Treated Panels
  • Panels are Constructed with 2×4’s and 2/8” plywood and 2×4 bracing
  • The Panels were treated in 2006 with NY Fire Shield Flame Retardant
  • Number of Rooms: 18
  • Number of Actors Required: 15-20 Ticket Takers: 2
  • There is no Electrical, Lighting, Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, Exit Signs, or Emergency Lighting or Compressor provided with this unit
  • Attraction is in overall Good Condition

Room Designs:

  • Underground Caves
  • Casket Walk Through
  • Crypt
  • Spider Room
  • Spark Cage
  • Mummy Cavern
  • Blood Splatter
  • Vortex Room
  • Graveyard
  • Clown Horror
  • Chainsaw Nightmare
  • Exorcism Rituals

Price is FOB Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Unit is in Good Condition

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