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Museum Design


1995 Custom 11 room portable. $65,000.

Originally built in 1993 by Stage Fright Studios as an annual major attraction at the Jacksonville Fair, the Frighthouse has received continuous upgrades by Sally Corporation, under the direction of noted Haunt Designer Drew Hunter. Built for inside use, the Haunt is 60′ wide x 45′ deep, with an inside wall height of 8′ and a 12′ façade height. Usable square footage is 2,600 and walk-through capacity is approx. 400 pph. The attraction is modular, allowing configuration changes.

9 animatronic characters and props are included; among them a unique Pepper’s ghost body in a coffin, a Corpselator and several swing-outs and spinners. 11 scenes include a witch’s kitchen, a disgustingly delectable banquet room, a (blood red) winery, a hallway of mysterious doors, a mad scientist and laboratory, mortuary, video spirit, monks, jail, corpse ladder, and art gallery with drop panel.

Professional voiceovers, music and sound fx are relayed through 20 speakers from 17 amplifier channels fed by a digital sound source. 8 actors are required, plus 1 or 2 ticket takers. 20 masks and 30 costumes are provided for performers.

The package includes 30 assorted light fixtures, 8 smoke detectors, 5 fire extinguishers, 4 emergency exit signs, 4 emergency lighting packs. Comes with 150 amp. electrical panel. Compressor for animatronics NOT included.

Exterior signage and free-standing decor complement the façade. Operated for only two weeks annually, the Frighthouse is in good shape. Technical training is available to purchaser. Video and photos are available for serious buyers.