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“It’s just a haunted house… how hard can it be?”

Creating a frightening attraction that provides high entertainment quality while maintaining a profitable capacity that adheres to local building codes while sticking to a tight budget needed to be profitable is not as easy as it sounds. What you don’t know about owning/operating a Haunted Attraction could put you out of business before you even open.

An effective themed attraction is much more than an assortment of props in black walled hallways. A Hauntrepreneurs® designed attraction starts with a story line detailing the patron experience. Scenes are then created and action diagrammed to tell the story. Only then the props, special effects and equipment are chosen from various providers to complete the vision.

A haunted attraction is very much an interactive play, where patrons walk from scene to scene. A Hauntrepreneurs® design starts with a back story describing the time period, setting and evil that will be encountered in the attraction. What creatures populate the location, why are they dangerous and why people are going into this frightening place are all finalized long before props are chosen, or pathway designed. This story develops a list of logical room types and describes the patron experience in detail. Used as a map, the story-line keeps continuity of the attraction and leads the design to the goal of effective and frightful entertainment.

The scares in a Hauntrepreneurs® attraction are the key to fright effectiveness, and all room design concepts begin with what the actor will do to frighten guests in the space. “Designing from the inside out,” the set pieces and furniture are then placed in the space to control sight lines and define the pathway of the patrons. Then, and only then are walls located around the room design, allowing for staff backstage, actor returns and emergency egress.  

It is not cost effective to build the attraction in another state, disassemble it and then ship the parts to the client’s location. Working like an architectural firm, Hauntrepreneurs(R) creates construction drawings so detailed that the production can be put out for bid to local contractors, or built by the owner’s crew. Hauntrepreneurs® comes on site later to oversee the installation, instructing a local crew on final paint treatments and set dressing. Prop and special effects installation, illusions, proper scare effects and actor training are provided onsite by Hauntrepreneurs® staff.

Themed Attraction design and consulting are the main focus of Hauntrepreneurs® and our only goal is to make your event a profitable success. Be it a custom haunted experience as small as 600 square feet (56 square meters), or a multi-element Halloween event of 60,000 square feet or more, Hauntrepreneurs(R) will save you many times the consulting/design fees in ease of operation, construction time and scare factor.

                      Haunted Houses                      Haunted Trails

                      Haunted Hayrides                   Carnival Walk-throughs

                      Mirror Mazes                           Restaurants

                      Dark Rides                               Museums

                      Tourist Attractions                  Escape Games




With vast experience in both October seasonal and year-round attractions, Hauntrepreneurs® can steer you clear of the detours and potholes and help you map out the most cost-effective path to fulfilling your haunted dreams on time and on budget.

When making your way through the uncharted territory of creating a Haunted Event, it is best to travel with someone who has been there before. By the hour or by the project, Hauntrepreneurs® will help guide you thought the steps toward a profitable event or attraction.

                      Phone Consultation                 On-Site Consulting

                      Business Plan Review             Project Feasibility

                      Master Planning                      Attraction AnalysisHellmouth-2011



Creating an incredible haunted attraction or event is a monstrous task. However, if we dissect the beast into the separate parts required to properly execute a successful event, the next steps become clear. Hauntrepreneurs® can assist clients with any or all of the important phases of a project. Clients can pick and choose what areas they need assistance and hire Hauntrepreneurs® only for those phases. 

                      Master-Planning                Theme Creation

                      Story Line Development   Design Development

                      Construction Drawings     Permit Drawings

                      Art Direction                      Standard Operations Manual

                      Fabrication Supervision    Reproduction Budgeting

                      Installation Supervision    Operational Supervision

Let Hauntrepreneurs® Themed Design and Consulting help you turn your haunted dreams of scaring people for a living into a reality, without allowing it to turn into a financial nightmare. Call us today! The first hour of consulting is FREE! Or get started with a FREE HAUNTED HOUSE COST ESTIMATE that outlines design fees, labor needs, and material costs to build a Hauntrepreneurs® designed attraction.