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Museum Design

Knightmare Mansion

  • 2000 Custom 29 Room
  • Designed and built by Technifex, Inc.
  • Used October 2000, was installed in an existing building
  • Square footage 8,000-10,000
  • 4 -50′ semi trailers worth of equipment
  • 18-20 Actors plus 8 additional staff
  • Asking Price: REDUCED to $175,000

This Custom Package Includes:

  • 10’x16′ Façade
  • 484 Flame Retardant Wood Panels
  • 2 Electrical Sub panels and Temporary Power Cords
  • 163 Lighting Fixtures
  • 8 Smoke Detectors
  • 31 Fire Extinguishers
  • 47 Emergency Exit Signs

Extras Include:

  • 7 Animations
  • 15 Masks, 15 Costumes, required props and Set Pieces
  • Full inventory available

Room Designs:

Hall of Portraits, Entryway, Study, Overhead Scare, Brick Wall, Lab, Funky Dream Hall, Stacked Dead Heads,
Hall of Tortured Victims, Doll Room, Bright Light Gag, Chain Link Chainsaw,
Electric Chair, Air Cannon Hall, Circus Posters, Test Your Strength, Dot Room,
Killer Clown Bars, Endless Hall Illusion, Clown Over Head, Disco Light Room, Fun House Mirror Room, Strobe Hall,
Dark Ride, Human Cannonball, Barnum Corpse, Police Car Rollout, Knife Thrower, Air Cannon Hallway

Unit is in Very Good Condition

FOB Valencia, CA