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Museum Design

22,000 SF Three Haunt Package – SOLD

FacadeDesigned and built by Owner, this 3 attraction package includes enough material to create
a 20,000 – 24,000+ sq ft haunted house facility which ran for 3 seasons (2009 – 2011) and was named one of Haunted Attraction Magazine’s Top 25 for two consecutive years.

Victorian Mansion, Vault and Antique themed attractions, plus a large cemetery section. 

Create new designs or recreate original floorplans with included drawings. Plenty of rooms/hallways ready to be themed or altered. (Panels, decks, & ceilings are alpha-numerically coded for easy reassembly)

All assets are  on pallets and shrink wrapped as much as possible is, and currently stored in five 53’ trailers (Trailers NOT included in sale but can be purchased for $23,000) plus specialty equipment/props stored in an additional climate controlled unit. Also included is a dual direction 5,500 lb Uline Pallet Truck included (purchased new in 2013).

Shipping is to be handled by purchaser and is not included in sales price.Facade-Deck

SCENIC FLATS (panels):

Modular, fire retardant theatrical style construction. Over 700 4×8 flats sizes  4×8, 3×8, 2×8   –   plus specialty and irregular sized pieces are included.

Wall surface styles include: flat black, textured (‘rusted iron’, wood grain, foamed, splatter, etc) custom painted theming (wallpaper, theatrical wood grain, etc)

PorchFlats in Victorian Mansion and Vault are mostly 1×3 pine frames w/ 1/8” hardwood ply

Flats in Antique Styled Haunt are mostly 2×4 pine frames w/ 1/4” ply or OSB  – plus ceiling panels.

Roughly 200 additional 4×8 1/2” hardwood ply sheets, painted black

Multiple door panels with real doors and jambs.


Approximately 18,000 SF of subfloor decking for each of the attractions. 2×8 joists, 2×4 & 2×8 stringers on 2×8 & 2×6 legs. Most hardware included, 2×4 stringer hangers pre-attached to joists for easier assembly. 23/32” plywood sheet flooring. Includes ingress/egress ramps.


To add realism and a claustrophobic feel, several rooms, (especially in the Victorian Mansion,) have lightweight / modular ceilings sections which may be used as is or modified, some with cutouts and lathe board. Nursery-Deck

Box-OfficePLUS: BOX OFFICE materials, Brick paneling & custom black fabric drapery, 12×12 PHOTO OPP – Theatrically themed as Victorian Parlor (painted wallpaper look, chair rail, wainscoting, custom drapery; exterior of walls have brick paneling). Includes antique sofa, rug, & mounted deer head.






HOUSE FACADE (features wrap-around porch with turned posts & boarded window openings. Includes backstage space for FX rigging or office space)Hall-of-Portraits

ENTRY HALL[set dressing included]

Entry aSTUDY[excludes carved table and some small tabletop items – other set dressing included]

PARLOR[excludes reed organ, harp, chandelier, & red chairs – other set dressing included]

HALL OF PORTRAITS(this room has access to front porch of House Facade)

[includes framed, oversized Haunted Memories portraits & slamming portrait rig]Entry b

PEPPER’S GHOST illusion space(or other – previously themed as partial BEDROOM,

ready for Pepper’s Ghost installation, excludes FX gear)

[set dressing included, antique dresser and rocking chair]

FALSE ‘BACKSTAGE’ tech area(can be other – has alternate visual access to Study scene)

StudyALTERNATE 12’x16’+ area (can be used as FX rigging or other)

13-PG-AreaSOLARIUM (with 10’ high paned window frames) [excludes set dressing from this scene]

NURSERY [excludes bassinet & music box – other set dressing & window FX rigging included]

ATTIC (deck ramp creates ascent to this area… deck in scene includes pit area for FX rigging, animatronic or other) [set dressing included – furniture, etc]

BASEMENT(deck ramp creates descent to this area … lots of brick and wood grain paneling)

MINE SHAFT(includes foam covered flats, modular wooden beams) [set dressing included – lanterns, rope, wood barrels, etc]

10-ParlorCRYPT INTERIOR[set dressing included – coffin(s) camonet & Ghillie, etc]

CEMETERY (large area includes lots of wood fence sections, Church Ruins, raffia mat)   [excludes one large grave monument, obelisk, coffin, & tree branches – other dressing included… greens, various headstones, large hillside grave monument, tree trunk,                 Crypt entry, half-coffin, slamming cellar door, etc]

















Cemetery e











VAULT FACADE(classically styled faux stone structure can be themed as mausoleum, ancient church, castle, etc. – unique design features clock tower, rusted pipe columns, faux metal folding doors with rivets – modular design) [excludes clock face – includes lighting fixtures & faux ivy]VAULT-Facade-detail

VAULT ENTRY( rusted iron themed walls with straps and rivets, faux rusty pipe ) [includes rusty metal vent (acts as speaker grill) and faux rusty pipe w/ flanges ]

CISTERN/FENCED AREA( 6×8 Cistern water feature, rusted iron themed walls with straps and rivets, flats w/ galvanized fence top sections, fence gates, unique skylight dome in ceiling) [ includes faux rusty pipes w/water feature, set dressing, light fixture, etc. ]

GREENHOUSE( rusted iron themed walls with straps and rivets & black flats ready for additional theming)[ includes lots of greens and small trees ]VAULT-Facade

VAULT-FacadeVAULT-FacadeGENERATOR ROOM[ includes 2 faux generator turbines, 2’ wide 8’ long w/ internal speakers and air blowers … lighting fixture]

BOILER ROOM( black flats ready for additional theming) [includes two 6’ diameter, 8’ high boilers/tanks & one 6’ diameter 8’ long boiler/tank – all 3 tanks split into two halves for re-arrangement (ie 6 tanks, taller/longer tanks) – many metal 55 gallon drums & other set dressing, barrel pop gag]

PIPE ROOM( rusted iron themed walls with straps and rivets )[includes lots of faux rusty pipe w/ flanges – duel nozzle air cannon w/ trigger ]

SHOWER ROOM[ faux tile paneling w/ broken shower heads & pipe ]VAULT-Facade

VAULT-FacadeSTORAGE ROOM( rusted iron themed walls with straps and rivets ) [ includes plastic & metal 55 gallon drums, 2 wooden cable spools, crates, wooden barrels, etc ]












ATTRACTION FACADE (designed as a 19th Century spook house attraction.  Unique design features Art Deco support columns & the appearance of ‘falling’ – right hallway of facade porch was designed to house an infinity hall illusion – deck flooring has appearance of aged, uneven boards – some wall panels have been disassembled and will need to be reconstructed) [includes skull lighting fixtures & sculptures]

MACHINE WORKSHOP (black flats ready
for additional theming, many are double-sided) [ excludes vintage bikes, sink, tables, tools and some small tabletop items]ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Entry-Ext-Brick-Wall

AANTIQUE-HAUNT-Tesla-TowerSSEMBLY WORKSHOP ( black flats ready for additional theming, many are double-sided) [excludes Singer sewing machine – includes custom themed mannequins, etc ]

OLD OFFICE ( black flats with drip aging, ready for additional theming ) [ excludes typewriter – includes other set dressing ]

OLD ATTRACTION HALL (designed as vintage dark ride attraction – plenty of room for large animatronics and gags)

INNER SANCTUM A (grey flats ready for additional theming, many are double-sided – long ramp area with 36’ linear travel wraps around, for bottomless pit area )


INNER SANCTUM B (grey flats ready for additional theming, many are double-sided ) [ deck area overlooks area with Tesla-esque radio ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Deck-Gratetower and other dressing]


CAGE AREA( grey flats ready for additional theming, many are double-sided – fence areas expands visual area where actors can taunt, includes Steel Grate walkways for under-floor scares and lighting). 400 sq ft+/– 36” +/– high deck ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Deck-Gratesection 3 (Cage area) with framed slots with Steel Grate along travel path (see photo), creates acor areas underneath;  4’ wide ramp w/ 40’ linear travel, 4’ wide ramp sections w/ 85’ linear travel.



LONG RAMP DOWN [4’ wide ramp sections with landings which create playing area on both sides of audience, feels like a long descent, 85’ linear travel ]ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Brick-Panels

HAUNTED HOUSE[ Paint theminANTIQUE-HAUNT-haunted-houseg to appear as theatrical spook house, includes house entry, small staircase, & parlor room – includes oak coffin ad assorted theming ] Several painted flats for BLACKOUT Maze Areas or new themed rooms/hallways (+/– 4,000 sq ft)

PLUS: 10+ sets of doorway Fear Flaps (4’ wide), Over 100 yards of black Commando Cloth (fire retardant, full blackout material)

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: (a partial inventory list of key items – all is in excellent condition unless otherwise noted)

4ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Sparks Box Office electronic cash drawers (for PC register software/scanner system)

Dual direction 5,500 lb Uline Palette Truck included (purchased new in 2013).ANTIQUE-HAUNT-haunted-house

5 – 220V Air Compressors:  3-60 gallon, 1- 45 gallon, 1-80 gallon (has small oil leak)

Pneumatic rigging, including over 1000 linear feet of 1” 450psi PVC pipe, fittings, and air hose.

ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Tesla-TowerPractical lighting fixtures, sconces, and wiring (110V)











LED solid state lighting throughout, 1Watt w/ lenses (for use with 12V system)

8 Audio Amplifiers, TEAC 5.1 surround (in original boxes w/ accessories)

40 high quality 6? speakers, Sony (dual mids w/ tweeter & air hole)ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Assembly-Room

8 sub woofers w/ amplifier kits (assembly needed)

Over 1500 linear feet of 14 gauge speaker wire

25+ high-quality powered speaker sets, Altec Lansing 2.1 (stereo w/sub)ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Rickety-Floor-Panels

20+ DVD playersANTIQUE-HAUNT-Mannequins

20+ compact CD players (for use with 12V system)

4 DLP Video Projectors (SVGA, 1100 lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio)

Cables, connectors, adaptors, etc

HauntBot controllers (new):APC-8+ (x16)Wav Runner (x18)DMX Daemon (x2)

ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Deck(includes software CD (may require update) & interface cables)

Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs throughoutANTIQUE-HAUNT-Old-Office

Commercial (rechargeable) Fire Extinguishers throughout

3 AC Electrical Distribution sets (breaker boxes, grounded metal flex conduit w/ outlets and junction boxes – distributes AC power throughout and facilitates E-Stop)

ANTIQUE-HAUNT-DeckLow Voltage systems (12V/24V supplies, metal enclosures, and over 1500 linear feet of wire) 

… and more!


Props are convincing period pieces and furniture, some being real antiques. Assorted furniture, lighting fixtures, hand props, books, tchotchke, pictures, frames, mirrors, industrial junk, whiskey barrels, 55 gallon drums, rugs, Bucky skeletons, various corpses, X4 Unit 70 ghouls, custom themed mannequins, coffins, replacement rivets (theming), X4 oversized Haunted Memories portraits (one rigged to slam against wall), etc.45-Gal-Kobalt


Assorted costumes & pieces (including suits & dresses) – distressed and normal items, shoes, accessories, masks, foam latex appliances, hand props, for men and women.  Two full Creature Corps bone suits w/ masks & gloves, as well as other corpse costumes items.  Enough costume items for 25-35 actors (possibly more).

Condition of the attraction is good. Mechanics, Artwork, Panels. Props are fair to good condition. 

ANTIQUE-HAUNT-Entry-DeckAsking Price is $90,000Flats
FOB Nashville, TN

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or leonardpickel@gmail.com