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4,000 SF Stuartizm 3D Haunt

This custom Cromadepth attraction was designed and built in 2Fear-in-3D-The-Experiment-Logo020 by John Denly of Boneyard Productions and the 3D art was painted by Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs, LLC. The attraction operated for 2 October seasons and is in great condition. It requires 7-15 actors, 2 ticket takers and 1 tech support for operations. The Paneled Attraction is 48’x80’ PLUS a 20′ spinning tunnel and props for additional room decoration. 

The package includes:
16’ tall 40’ wide vacuform Façade by ScareFactory
141 flame retardant panels, with a combination of bolt and screw assembly system.  
25’x4’ carpet swamp
Over 25 blacklight fixtures, 14 exit signs, 5 fire extinguishers, 220 V 60 Gallon compressor
Sound system includes 8 powered speakers with MP3 player sources.
Electrical distribution is accomplished with extension cords included with the sale of the unit, and needs 2 phase, 40 amp service.
Minimal masks and a few costumes are included

10+ Room Designs
Hospital Asylum Hallway
Control Room
Spider Room
Torture Room
Doll Room
Dark Room
Clown/Circus Room
The Vortex Tunnel
Vortex Spinning Tunnel

Over 14 Animated Props
Jumping Spiders X 6
Sitting Scarecrow
7ft Led Cemetery Statue
7ft Clown
4ft Skeleton
6ft Pumpkin Skeleton With Lcd Eyes
Flickering Flame Pumpkin X 2
Swinging Skeleton Boy
6.5ft Grave Digger
Twisted Tina (Hanging Woman On Wall)
Twisting Clown
Other Major Props
Display Case
2 Giant Cylinder Barrel Cages
Boy/Girl Skeleton
Pillory Torture Device With Skeleton
5’ Wooden Electric Chair
13 Skeletons
12 Spiders
7 Skeleton Dogs
3 Small Spiders
And More!

PLUS! The sale includes the attraction name FEAR in 3D, all logos and graphics including the www.fearin3d.com URL, the website designed by Chad Savage of Sinister Visions, web content, social media pages and graphics.

The attraction is currently stored in 3 forty foot rental containers
Condition of the attraction is very good, including art, structure and mechanical elements
Asking price is $80,000 FOB hauntrepreneurs imagehauntrepreneurs hauntrepreneurs image hauntrepreneurs image Stanson, CA
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hauntrepreneurs imagehauntrepreneurs imagehauntrepreneurs image hauntrepreneurs image hauntrepreneurs image hauntrepreneurs image hauntrepreneurs imageFearIn3D