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Terror Business For Sale – NEW LISTING!

Asking Price $175,000 – a steal for this complete operating business, and terms are available.

Designed by Scary Thoughts, Inc. the attraction was built as a permanent install by private contractors in 2011 and has been operated every year since. The 30,000 square foot, 48 room attraction takes 35-50 actors, 2 ticket takers, and 2-4 tech support staff to operate. An assortment of masks, costumes and some makeup is included with the sale.

Themed is an underground town, sunken below surface the Attraction is infested with ghouls, goblins, zombies and caretakers. Condition of all equipment, props, art work, electrical, panels is good to excellent. Sprinkler and smoke detection system up to local code. Exit signs with emergency lights at all exits in rooms, and haunt itself, all lighted and installed to code.

Sale price includes 14 Pneumatic props: Chair guy, girl with knife, levitating Bess, grandpa jump action, coffin jumper, dog in house, Projector system w rat effect, blow up box, shutter monitor, guy in electric chair, electrical box, machine gun, violent skeleton shaker on medical cart, air horn on bus full bus. One 60 Gallon and four 80 Gallon compressors provide the air for the props.

Show lighting is a combination of LED, Christmas and rope lighting, spot lights, dangling bulbs, strobes, lasers, and backlights. Several TVs used throughout the haunt with effects and a projector system with a “rat” effect.

Each room has a separate sound systems with its own amplification, and audio input. Audio rooms are placed throughout the attraction with full control of all individual systems.

This single element haunt has great reviews, is in an excellent location in a large city in Pennsylvania and has plenty of parking. The business has been profitable since its inception. Rent is $1.50/sq ft annually and a long term lease is available for the property. Past years accounting is available to serious buyers.

This business is for sale as is and in place. Price includes: Attraction Name, logo, webs site, and social media pages. As well as Signage and Attraction Facade.