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Museum Design


image003.jpg Attraction Name (#4): Painball (paintball shooting gallery)
24′ wide Painball façade, Paintball netting (covers walls, back and ceiling for area 24′ wide x 30′ deep x 12′ high, 5 Tippmann 98 Customs paintball guns with hoppers, 2 Bulk HPA Tanks (1 primary, 1 backup), Regulator, fill lines and hoses (allows the five guns to run off the large tanks), 4 Jt Flex 8 Headshields (for targets), Padding for targets, 5 JT Masks (for shooters – safety requirement).

image001.jpgAttraction Name (#5): Stage
16′ x 16′ x 4′ high wooden stage (2 sets of stairs for side and back), Curtains (black) – sides, back & stage skirt, curtains create a 8′ deep x 16′ wide backstage area, Stage curtain (maroon) – spilt in center, Curtain rod setup, PA system – amplifier, wireless microphones, stage speakers and CD, Stage lights.

image009.jpg image0051.jpg image006.jpg image013.jpgimage010.jpgAttraction Name (#6): Dark Museum
Gaffs include: Feegee Mermaid By Doug Higley, Mummified Demon By Cary Creations Pygmy, World’s Smallest Shrunken, Twin Headed Monkey Skull and Evil Hand Of Amara By Fiendish Curiosities – Mummified el Chupacabra Pup, Bigfoot Hair, Bigfoot Skull, Yeti Footprint, Cannibal Trophy Skull, 3 Clawed Scorpion, Fur-Bearing Trout, Killer Toad, Many Legged Tarantula & Turtle Snake. Plus display cases and framed descriptions

25 – 4’x8′ painted walls, includes some with entrance artwork – walls were used inside a building, so they don’t make a complete walk through.

Package Extras:
150+ queue stanchions (separate into two parts, base and upright, for storing)
2 Queue Entrances – wooden walk through (10′ tall 3˜deep)
3 gazebos 11’x11′ – legs and roofs – no sides (used for vendors)
2 10’x10′ quick up tents with sides (used for storage areas)
5 100 qt. coolers – used to sell drinks out of
2 50 qt. coolers – used for actor water
2 Coffee makers – used to sell coffee
12 carafes – used to sell coffee and hot cider
PA System – Amplifier, 2 outdoor speakers, CD player and Wired microphone
Fog machines
2, 4×8 acrylic mirrors for smaller tunnel egress
Ticket booth façade – 8’x8′ with end columns
20’x8′ artistic “Haunted House” sign
Missing body illusion (used as a photo opportunity in 2007)
Additions walls with 3, 8’x8′ murals and 1 4’x8′ mural
Shady Slim costume from The Horror Dome
Camo netting (over 4000 sq. feet)
Approximately 75 pairs of 3D glasses (black plastic type)

Advertising: Ultimate Terrors logo, domain and website, MySpace account with web graphics Poster Artwork, Business Card Art, hand out/flier art and Rack Card art, all designed by Chad Savage at Sinister Visions. (All will need to be updated for your location, etc.

image0123.jpg image007.jpg image004.jpg image008.jpg image002.jpg

Asking Price: $140,000 for total 3 Haunt package.
FOB Altamont, New York 12209
For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 704-366-0875 or FAX 704-366-0876 or Email

Visio New Maze Layout