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Frightmare Package

Frightmare Multi-Element Event Package

Includes both Evil Clown Town, Alcatraz Prison, and Paint Ball shooting gallery, Hot Seat electric chair, PLUS many Extras. FIVE semi-trailers full of Haunts, costuming and equipment!

Asking Price: $130,000

This Custom Package Includes:

An additional 2 story Mansion Facade, enough extra lighting for a third Haunt and effects such as the Distortions Unlimited the operating table, Controller Chair with mirrors. Extra tents, one 30X30 pole tent and two 10X20 tops . Sound upgrade for 2005 included sound cards, sound gear and. Large inventory of costuming and props from 5 years of operation and changed themes.

Evil Clown Town in 3D

2005 Custom 18 room John Burton 3D Unit

Designed and painted by the legendary John Burton

Unit Includes:

  • Clown Mouth façade
  • Sound system and theatrical lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit signs
  • 40’x 80′ pole tent
  • Storage semi-trailer
  • Room designs include:
  • Clown Mouth
  • Spinning Nightmare Tunnel (Black Hole)
  • Hall of Doors
  • Clown Alley
  • Polk-A-Dots Dreams
  • Splattered Dreams
  • Loony Lights
  • Spider Clown Attic
  • Skeletons in the Closet
  • Clown Skulls
  • Crazy Clowns Hall
  • Crazy Clowns Cell
  • Crazy Circus Posters
  • Crazy Circus
  • Clowns
  • Clown Faces
  • Carnage Clown’s Meat Locker
  • Chainsaw Clown’s Butcher Shop

Alcatraz Prison

2005 Custom 10 room 15 room, designed and built by owner, renovated 2005

Unit includes:

  • Castle/Prison façade
  • Sound system
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit signs
  • 40’x 80′ pole tent
  • Storage semi-trailer

Room design includes the HOT SEAT Complete with:

    • cassette player
    • cassette tape
    • amplifier with speaker
    • fog machine
    • stand with electrical box
    • beacon light
    • audio cords
  • Approx. 7′ tall x 3′ wide x 2′ deep
  • Requires AC power and 125 psi air compressor. Ships freight.