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Haunted Estate

15,000 square foot Custom Haunt, property and building – Only $175,000

This documented Haunted 15,000 Square Foot Building sits on 2.65 Acres of land with parking and bonfire area. A 12’x60 mobile home caretaker quarters on property is also included in the purchase price.

A 12,000 square foot October seasonal Haunted Attraction built by the owner, is included in the prices and has been in operations since 2006. October 2008 attendance was 7,800 people at $12. Year long Paranormal Investigation Tours and overnight stays added another 1,700 people at $12. The property was recently used for the filming of for the SCI-FI Channels “Children of the Grave 2.” An historical DVD that provides background for visitors and video from Building and Haunt are included.

Sale price includes audio visual system and signage for the building, air compressor, 15 foot Vortex tunnel, pneumatic gags and too many props, to list. Over 30 costumes, 20 masks and lots of hand props for actors and a well stocked concession kitchen.

Website URL and mySpace pages for the building are included in the price.

Present owner needs to move because of a family illness.

1 Banner 2’0X4′
1 Estate Sign
Previous Years Haunt Posters
1 Rules Poster and Stand
Various Banners

3 Tape players
1 CD Player
2 Stereo Amp
30 Speakers
11 Boom Boxes
2 CB’s used for Paging
11 70v Paging Speakers
1 Turn Table
6 Misc. TV’s various condition.
8 Hand radios w/ chargers

1 Compressor
1 Air Snake Hose
3 Air Cannons
1 Semi Horn

30+ Actor Costumes
4 Security Jackets
2 Straight Jackets
Lots of Misc. Clothing
Lots of Hand Props (Knives, etc)
1 year’s worth of Cream Makeup
Various other makeup

168 Walls (most 4X8)
48 Light Fixtures
25 Black Lights
4 Black Light Extra Bulbs
9 Strobe Lights
29 Tables
31 Doors
4 Fog Machines
200 ft Snow Fence
3 Claw Foot Bath Tub
30 Chairs (Most Folding)
3 Display Cases
2 Cabinets
4 Stage Bullet Lights
14 Shelving Units
2 Electric Panels (working)
1 Battery Charger
7 Fire Extinguishers
1 Air Conditioner
1 Color Organ Unit
1 Cistern for Fire Code
Lots of Mirrors

Concessions Area
1 15X15 Vendor Stand
1 Microwave
1 Dorm Size Refrigerator
50 Weiner Roasting Sticks
3 Tongs
1 Cooler
2 Cash Registers (Royal)
Register Ribbons
8 Register Rolls
3 Washing Tubs
2 Crock pot
3 Aquatinters
25 cup Coffee Pot
1 First Aid Kits
Hot Dog Trays
3 Thermometers
Consumables (plastic ware, Styrofoam cups, vinyl gloves, roll tickets
Trash Cans

1 Vortex (New ’07 15 ft)
1 Frankenstein Monster 7′
1 Iron Gate
3 Lanterns
1 Barrel
1 Shooting Gallery
1 Elevator
1 Clown Cage
1 Modern DC coffin
4 Old Coffins
1 Sweat Box
1 Electric Chair
1 Lab Control Unit
1 Bed
1 Fire Place
1 Big Scream DVD
1 Gargoyle
1 Sheep Skull
1 Upright Piano (real)
1 Garage Door Opener
4 Toilets
2 Flash Pots
20 Tiki Torches
1 Old Style Dryer
1 Body Bag (real)
1 Stretcher/Gurney
3 Medical Back Boards
10 Soft Stuffed Bodies
2 Oscilloscopes
1 Resuscitation Annie
1 Defibrillator (real)
1 Electric Typewriter
1 Exercise Bike
1 Trunk
2 set Funeral Parlor Curtains
1 Electric Leaf Blower
1 Electric Sparking Chain Saw
4 Plus Skeletons (mostly plastic)
Kitchen Dishes/Food
1 Trombone
10+Boxes of Misc. Props
Real Lab Glass
Beakers, Vials, Flasks
Hardware and more of various sizes