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List Your Attraction

If you have a Haunted Attraction that you would like to sell, trade or lease, you could buy booths at the Haunt conventions, build and advertise a website, take out a few ads in industry magazines, deal with all of the inquiries, send out photos and information, write up the contracts and deal with the buyer yourself…


For only 10% of the total sale price, you could hire Hauntrepreneurs® to do all of that work, and more for you! As the only broker of Used Haunted Attractions in the world, people come to us when looking for Used Attractions. Even if you hire us, you still have the right to sell the attraction yourself. All you would pay is the up-front listing fee.

Hauntrepreneurs® will promote your attraction until it sells or you take it off the market.  We take calls and emails on the attraction and send out email blasts about your Haunt. We bring all purchase offers to you and suggest ways to negotiate the best deal for you. We prepare the documents, and work as a middleman to make sure that both parties get what they contracted for.

Hauntrepreneurs® has sold hundreds of attractions for people from coast to coast. Let us sell your Haunt for you!

Listing your attraction with Hauntrepreneurs® is easy!

FIRST : Download Contract / Attraction Data Sheet (These are Adobe PDF Documents) and print them out

THEN : Fill out any and all blanks and sign the contract (NOTE: A $500 non-refundable listing fee is required up front)

NOW : eMail completed paperwork, a floor plan and as many photos of the attraction as you can to hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com

The sooner you list your attraction with Hauntrepreneurs®, the sooner we will sell it!

For further information, please contact:
Leonard Pickel