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Jeanne Escher-Pickel

What Is Hauntrepreneurs®?

Fright can be lucrative, but what new haunt operators don’t know can put them out of business before they open. Increasingly dark amusements attraction owners are calling upon the expertise of design and consulting firm Hauntrepreneurs® to assure their success.

Proclaimed “Master of Haunts” by Martha Stewart in her 2011 Halloween Special, Leonard Pickel provided his 35+ years of design and consulting experience to first time haunted attraction owners and season haunt veterans alike. Pickel has created frightening attractions for amusement parks and individuals across the US and overseas.

Pickel finds that while it is easy to dream up a terrifying haunted experience, it is also simple to overlook the horrors of building codes, budget restrictions and installation. Hauntrepreneurs® handles projects of any size and budget. They promise to guide clients past the potholes, from concept to reality.

“We will help you realize all your haunted dreams,” explains Pickel, “And keep them from becoming nightmares!” Call us today 972-951-5100!