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When heading on a journey like opening your first Haunted Attraction, it is extremely advantageous to bring along someone who has made the trip before you many times. Someone who can guide you around the detours and pitfalls; someone who can not only tell you what the best path to success is but can also show you what paths not to take. A Haunted Attraction Consultant is just such a guide.

When hiring a consultant, what you are paying for is that company’s experience and their ability to steer you around common mistakes that first time haunters make. You are buying advice not only on what the best most cost effective course is but also the lessons learned from previous startups.

Leonard Pickel and the Hauntrepreneurs® team have decades of combined experience designing, building, and operating haunted attractions, and each year they travels the country experiencing the best and most successful attractions, looking for new trends and new ideas; searching for the best scares and special effects. Studying the whys and why not’s of industry successes and failures, honing the vision of what the most efficient and effective attractions consist of. It is this experience that Hauntrepreneurs draws from to steer their clients to success.

When it comes to hiring a company with the wisdom and the creativity to develop a profitable, effective, easy to operate, custom, one of a kind Haunted event that fit’s your needs on time and on budget, Hauntrepreneurs® is your only viable option!

Hauntrepreneurs® is also available on a pure consultation basis for any or all phases of a Halloween Event start up. For an existing event, or a client who wishes to handle the design and fabrication phases of the project in-house, Hauntrepreneurs® can assist in compliance with building codes and Americans with Disabilities Act as well as Fire and Safety concerns. Consulting on things like choosing a location, concept and event naming, business plan development are charged per hour, be it a phone conversation or a detailed report covering these important topics.

Also offered by Hauntrepreneurs® is an intensive one or two day program, designed to take an existing Haunted Event to the next level of success. Hauntrepreneurs® principals are available to walk the project site, brainstorming with the client and their staff. This intense consultation addresses maximizing profit and income potential, streamlining the event and addressing any particular concerns or problems that the client may have that may be hindering the full potential of the event.

For an existing event in need of renovation, or a client who desires the flexibility of design input on only a piece of an attraction, the Hauntrepreneurs® is available to review present designs and/or partial design work on an hourly basis. This hourly rate overrides the day rates below, if the design work is done on site. This design assistance can be provided in a phone conversation, on-site direction or detailed drawings.

Failing to plan is like planning to fail, and one of the most important documents any business can have is a business plan. Let Hauntrepreneurs® crunch the numbers for you and produce a “map” to show you how to find the path to a success ful event. Call for pricing Quote.

When creating an event, knowing what will work and what will not is a very expensive lesson to learn, Hauntrepreneurs(R) can analyze your existing event, or your plans for a new event and provide you experienced input to make the event the best it can be. What city, or even what part of a city the event is located, can make a huge difference in the money making potential of an event. Let Hauntrepreneurs® analyze your location to discover its strength and weaknesses, or to do the legwork and find that perfect market and/or location to maximize the potential for the success of your event.

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