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LOWER PRICE! 8,100 SF Three Haunt Scream Park

Attraction #1 Skull Manor  3,400sf – Mansion themed square grid attraction – ¾ frame tongue and grove panels 190 panels, 104’ x 46’ attraction.

Room Designs: Foyer, Intro 1 & 2, Coffin Viewing, Cemetery, Mausoleum, Hall of corpses, Spinning tunnel, Art Gallery, Bates Bathroom, Broken Plaster Hallway, Autopsy, Body Bags, Missing body Illusion, Mural Hallways, Flying Corpse, Death Comes Ripping, Chainsaw Hall

Attraction #2 Code Blue2,100sf  – 15 room Toxic themed square grid 30’x72’ attraction – using 150 plywood on 2×2 framed panels

Room Designs: Intro Room, Containment Suits, Toxic Storage, Decon, Drop Panel Hall, Lab/MS, Body Bags, Camo Monster, Light Tunnel, Caged Creature, Dungeon, Spinning Tunnel, Black Maze, Laser Tunnel

Attraction #3 3-D Chaos  2,500sf – Triangular grid, creepy clown themed attraction with Nine 8’X8’ 3-D Murals from legendary artist Stewart Smith, Stewartizum Designs. 35’x76’ attraction, using 160 panels to create approximately 20 rooms.

These three attractions are modular and can be set up as a three attraction event, or combined into one massive 8,100sf haunt.

Designed various haunters over history. The attractions were built in 2004 and were operated Octobers from 2004 through 2012


To many items to list but here are a few:

10’ Skull mold from Scarefactory

Vibrating floor

Fright Props moving floor tiles with ramps

Spongy Bridge

Rat Bridge

Haunted Stove

Several hanging bloody & cleaved body parts

Electric sounding chainsaws with speaker in bottom

Custom built steal platform for elevated scare.

Custom made maggot drop dispenser

Stretch Wall

Styrofoam tombstones



2 air cannons

Air horn

Spitting pig on stove

Spitting toilet

1 30 gal. compressor

1 40 gal. 5 hp compressor

1 60 gal. 7.5 hp compressor

100’s of feet of PVC piping system with quick connects every 5-10 feet for air distribution

15 plus Step pads plus half a roll left to make more step pads

(500+) feet of air hoses


Moving Props

(6) 12’ tall poly Grim Reaper statues custom made never used.

Barrel Jumper

Spider Descender – Poison Props

Spitting Snake Slider- Poison Props

Fly Witch – Poison Props

Autopsy table pop-up – Poison Props

Demon Dog in doghouse – Poison Props

Tombstone jumper – Poison Props

Hangman bending at torso

Coffin with moving lid

Reagan with remote control head (head spins and eyes roll back in her head) – Distortions

Rocking Granny – Distortions

Zappy- Distortions

Shock Therapy – Distortions

Multiple props moving & static

Multiple custom-made props including Pneumatic Barrel Drop and Moving statue


Electrical/Special Effects:

(25+) 4’ Light fixtures plus black light bulbs for 3-D

Emergency lighting

Multiple fog machines

Electric Shock Fence

Shock Pads

Electric Sparking Knives

Electric freezers for low lying fog

8-10 windshield wiper motors for moving props along with multiple power supplies

(20+) prop controllers, peak a boo’s and peak a boo Jr’s. 2-3 with sound

(30+) small LED can lights in different colors

Multiple sound systems and speakers

Lighting controllers (dimmers)


Multiple strobe lights and scorpion laser light

Wall banger

Multiple boom sticks and other electric poppers

(500+) feet of extension cords



10’ Skull Vortex tunnel

20’ 3-D Vortex tunnel

Stalk around clown prop costume

Approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of camo netting

(20+) Fire Extinguishers

15+ drop windows

(100+) Custom Made Stanchions for crowd lines


Not Included:

Electrical Wiring Harness

Emergency Exit Signs

Sprinkler System

no Masks or Costumes


All of this and more is packed away in 3 storage semi-trailers.

Units are in Good Used Condition
Asking Price for all three attractions is $125,000

FOB Oklahoma City, OK

For further information, please contact Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com