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Haunted Theater Attraction

Ghosts and Legends Theatre Business
Location: 4818 Hwy 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Custom Haunted Theater and Gift Shop business in permanent location. Includes all aspects of the business, graphics and intellectual property.



Year built: 2003
Years Operated: 2003 to present
Number of Employees: 1 – 3
Current Real Estate: Leased
Management Training and Support: One year support and training
Number of Actors Required: 0
Ticket Takers: 1
Tech Support: Not necessary; automated show
Size: 900 sq ft in an existing retail property.
Permanent Install: Width: 30′ Depth: 30′ Max. Height: 10′
Capacity: 60 persons per 20 minutes.
Durable, permanent drywall installation. All fabrics are either treated or intrinsically flame retardant.
Reason For Selling: Owner Retiring


This Custom Complete Profitable Business includes:

Gift Shop and Theatre
Façade and Signage
Intelligent Lighting
Costuming Provided
Gift Shop Fixtures
Security Cameras
L.E.D. Projector
Flat Screen Monitor

Electrical Distribution is standard permanent breaker panel.
Over 70 of Light Fixtures
2 Smoke Detectors
5 Fire Extinguishers
2 Craftsman 25 gallon Compressors
3  Emergency Exit Signs
3 Emergency Lighting Packs
No Sprinkler System Required (under 1000 sq. ft.)
Dolby 5.1 surround Sound System
8 Speakers
Mackey 24 track Digital Sound Source
8 Sampson Studio amplifiers


Attraction in Excellent Condition

Mechanics: Excellent
Props: Excellent
Art Work: Excellent
Electrical: Excellent
Cosmetic: Excellent
Continual preventative maintenance and general improvements.
Reason for Selling: Retiring



One Room Theater and gift shop designed and built by Oliver Holler, Ghosts and Legends Theatre & Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk are long established profitable businesses, operated in a vacation paradise. Located in a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, the businesses have high walk-by traffic. General remarks: Two or more long established turn-key attractions.


Also, gift shop, all merchandise inventory included. Scripts, artwork, marketing materials and franchising rights included. Web sites and additional URLs also included. Seasonal decor included. Ghosts and Legends show is an intimate theatrical attraction showcasing southern ghost stories and lore. The show is historical, factual, educational, sensational, and chilling. It presents popular ghostly legends with sophisticated special effects, in a re-creation of a classic southern plantation parlor. The authentic ante-bellum scenery and southern storytelling completely submerses the audience into another world.


Ghosts and Legends provides entertainment that is significant to the Grand Strand area with a presentation that has broad appeal and historical relevance -which never goes out of date. It is entertaining, and offers tourists a comfortable place to sit down, relax, and be swept up in the rich history and folklore of the Grand Strand. No other venue offers this to audiences.


The concept is a blueprint of efficiency. It takes advantage of minimal operating staff, minimal square footage, and automated show control. Profit is maximized with swift ‘crank-through’, multiple shows (others can be added in the future), flexible seating capacity, and broad appeal. Related merchandise in the gift shop adds to income compounded by residual advertising benefits, (i.e. logo souvenirs).


Ghosts and Legends is located in a high foot traffic area of the popular Barefoot Landing, which claims a daily tourist population of 40,000 people during the season.


Ticket prices start under ten dollars and coupons make the attraction accessible to even those with a modest budget. Unlike other shows that operate seasonally, and in the evenings only, Ghosts and Legends is available to audiences every fifteen minutes from dawn until dusk, year ’round. Because of the educational content, the show is ideal for school groups, church groups and tour bus outings.


Reduced Asking Price is $150,000


For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email LeonardPickel@gmail.com