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Museum Design

Attraction Name (#1): Skull Manor

image0011.jpgDesigned and built:  Dark Attractions in 2005 Years Operated: 2005, 2006 and 2007

Attraction was refurbished enlarged in 2006, all walls repainted (detailed). Façade was added in 2007

Max. Width: 45′  Depth: 120′  Max. Height: 14′ 
Usable Sq. Footage: 3100+  Capacity: 600/hour
Façade: 26′ wide by 14′, high manor design with giant 7′ fiberglass skull
Number of Panels: 160+  Construction Material:  8′ plywood, interlocking design
Number of Rooms:  21  Number of Actors Required:  18-20 
Ticket Takers:Tech Support:  0

Complete lighting: Standard clamp fixtures, blacklights and strobelights. Complete temporary electrical (spider boxes, extension cords & power strips). 115v single phase power, 200 amps min. required at installation site. Complete sound:  3 CD players with powered speaker systems. Complete costumes and masks. 10′ diameter by 10′ long spinning tunnel with 3D vacuform liner.

Condition: all very good to excellent

image018.jpgimage020.jpgimage019.jpgimage030.jpgimage0041.jpgimage032.jpgimage021.jpgimage0132.jpgimage0111.jpgimage0291.jpgimage0061.jpgimage014.jpgimage026.jpgimage0091.jpgimage0052.jpgimage016.jpgimage028.jpgimage0251.jpgimage0121.jpgRoom Designs
Dual Intro Rooms –
Brief introduction. (two identical rooms used to increase throughput).  Drop reveals a corpse character.
Funeral Parlor / Casket Viewing – Sitting room with love seat and piano.  Ghost character is present behind wall where shutters open (two sets of shutters).  Casket with corpse scene. 
Cemetery – Enter through cemetery arch, walk through headstones, exit at mausoleum facade.  Monster character in casket.
Mausoleum – Vaults with corpses, actor steps out form behind fake end or reaches through vaults.
Hall of Corpses – Hallway decorated with skeletons.  Three recessed vaults house mummies (one is an actor).  Winged skeleton drops from above.
Spinning Tunnel – Customers walk over a railed bridge through a 10′ long spinning tunnel with 3D skull/bones (vacuform) liner.
Outside – Small outdoor scene, fence, fake trees, foliage.  Fortune Teller setting.  Stone walls, fence and fountain lead into the manor.
Manor Entrance Room – Entrance room featuring a phone that rings, dresser and chairs.
Art Gallery Hall – Several portraits hang on walls.  One portrait drops revealing character.
Hall of Doors – Four real looking doors with crystal knobs.  None open but all look like they should or could.
Bathroom (Bates like) – Bathroom scene. Old tub with curtain shut, toilet, blood flowing sink and mirror. Character appears from behind shower curtain.
Lathe Hall – Decrepit hallway with holes/lathe in the wall, character reach-through (one section of lathe opens).
Library – Build in bookcase – character comes out of bookcase (cases separate).
Stairs – Ghost at top of stairs draws guest’s attention. Middle section of staircase pops up revealing character.
Baby’s Room /Sitting Room – 2 rooms next to each other (small door between the two allows an actor to pop in & out).  Baby’s room has a crib.  Sitting room has desk, table and chairs.
Kitchen – Table set for eating. Wood stove, sink, cabinets.
Stretch Wall – Roofed room draws quests attention.  Character pushes through stretch wall (wing holder used to look like a face).
Flying Corpse – Character flies overhead using harness
Chainsaws – Character wielding chainsaw (chains removed)

Skull Manor is part of a 3 Haunt Package

image017.jpgimage024.jpgimage0021.jpgWall Panels 4Wall Panels 3Wall Panels 2Wall Panels 1Spring Doorimage031.jpgimage0081.jpgimage022.jpgimage0151.jpgimage0101.jpgimage0071.jpg

Asking Price: $140,000 for total 3 Haunt package.
FOB Altamont, New York 12209
For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email