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Museum Design

SALE PENDING! Haunted Manor 4,000 sf Victorian

~facade and Mural

Designed by Leonard Pickel and built by Elm Street Hauntrepreneurs in 1996. The attraction was operated in October of 1996 through 2006, and then again in 2021 with yearly improvements each time it was set up.

Custom Package Includes: 7′ deep x 20′ wide x 24′ tall 2 story Victorian mansion facade and 8’x80′ front mural.

The design is a 20 room triangular grid system haunt that requires 20 actors and 2 staff to operate and designed to fit in a 40’x100’x8′ pole tent. NOTE: Tent and poles are not included with the sale.

Kit includes:
332 flame retardant panels with cross bracing
All required props and set pieces including 10 animatronics
40 + light fixtures
Sound system consists of 10 CD player boom boxes
10 Emergency lighting packs with battery backup and 20 emergency exit signs
20 costumes

Room Designs:
Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Closet, Bars, Torture room, Stretchy Wall, Spider Lair, Toxic Barrels, Electrical Room, Portrait Hallway, Collapsing Hallway, Mirror Hallway, Hall of Doors, Playroom, Tomb room, Ghost Hallway 1 & 2, Laboratory, Chainsaw Overhead
Flame Retardant Certificate Floor Plan

Not Included:
Tent is NOT included
No storage containers
No electrical panel or Wiring Harness
No Fire alarm panel or smoke detection system
No Carpet
No Masks
No signage

Condition of the attraction is very good. Mechanics, Artwork, Panels. Props are in great condition. Owner purchased the attraction for a one-time event and is now selling.

Asking Price is $59,000
FOB Salt Lake City, UT

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or leonardpickel@gmail.com

Video Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z8QqX9Uhc7KMhUOchp2aLHRY2K2-ckhc/view


Haunted Manor Photos Bath Bedroom1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 Bedroom4 Cabinet Cages1 Cages2 Cages3 Cage-Spark Fence CLoset Coffin Viewing Coffin Viewing2 Crypt - Bodybags Crypt Double Pepper's Ghost Illusion Drop Portrait Hall1 Drop Portrait Hall2 Drop Portrait Hall3 Drop Portrait Hall4 Electrical Room 1 Electrical Room 2 Emergency Exit Door Exit
Hall of Doors1 Hall of Doors2 Hallway Lab Library Mirror Hallway1 Mirror Hallway2 Mirror Hallway3 Mirror Hallway4 Mirror Hallway5 Mirror Hallway6 Mirror Hallway7 Monster OverHead Cage Monster OverHead Pepper's Ghost Protrait-Library1 Protrait-Library2 Protraits1 Protraits2 Rat Kitchen Spider1 Spider2 Stone Hall Stone Hallway Stonewalls Ticklers Ticklers1 Ticklers2 Toxic Waste1 Toxic Waste2 Toxic Waste3 Toxic Waste4 Toy Room1 Toy Room2 Wainscot Emergency Exit Wainscot Hall1 Wainscot Hall2