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Museum Design


2,200 SF 16 Room, Triangular Grid, Modular, Fright Attraction

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Built in 2018, the attraction was only operated for a partial season in October 2018. Attraction was designed by Leonard Pickel, and built by the owner. Package includes a 36’x16’ Façade. Triangular Grid design has 2,200 SF of attraction with 363 Lineal Feet of patron pathway. The 16-room attraction requires 16 actors and 1 ticket taker. Attraction includes a crossover scene themed as a boiler room, and repeating room pair.

Attraction footprint is: Width: 50’ Deep: 56’ – Max. Height: 16’ (Façade) Pathway consist of 221 Eight-Foot-Tall Panels. Construction Materials: 3/8” Ply On 2×4 & 2×2 Stapled. Class A Flame Spread Rating accomplished by Flame Retardant paint. 2,200 SF carpet also included.

Themed as a tenement slum filled with zombies, this attraction has a central corridor crossover scene and cutting-edge physical actor scares. No pneumatics, but 15 actor driven old school frights. The attraction was very effective as designed, and provides great base haunt to be added to year after year. All costumes provided.

Originally part of a 3-haunt event, this unit is practically brand new, and was only open for a few days to a limited crowd, mainly due to lack of funding to complete the project in time for the season. Purchase price is set low to move the attraction and is a great opportunity for someone looking to get into the haunt business as a standalone or in conjunction with another attraction. This unit is also the perfect add-on to an existing event that wants to go mulit-element.

Electrical Distribution is 4 circuits of 12/3 SJO cord with duplex boxes. Two 20-amp circuits required. Exit signage is accomplished by printed signs, externally lit by emergency lighting. Includes all required Light Fixtures and lighting controllers, eight Emergency Lighting Packs.

Room Designs Include:
Open Mouth Entrance
Intro/Exit Repeating Room – Boogeyman Mirror
Drop Ceiling
Boiler Room Crossover Scene
Shadows – Child
Bulletin Board Drop Panel
Tool Room/shed Workshop
Low Pipes
Boiler Room
Collapsing Hallway
Bottomless Pit W/ Tilt Wall
Men’s Room
Ladies Toilet
Laser Swamp
Hall of Doors
Patrons Through the Looking Glass
Door Drop Panel

This attraction is practically brand new. Mechanics, Props, Artwork, Electrical, Panels, and Cosmetics of the attraction are in Excellent condition.

Reason for Selling: Attraction was underfunded, which caused a very late opening date and little or no marketing. Total attendance was less than 1,000 patrons.

Electrical Panel
Fire Alarm Panel/Smoke Detection
Fire Extinguishers
Sound System is also not included
There are no animatronics required by the attraction design, and as such there is no compressor or pneumatic equipment provided.

Asking Price: $30,000
FOB Atlanta, GA

NOTE: This attraction is currently standing and available for viewing by qualified buyers in Atlanta, GA. After purchase, buyer will be responsible for striking the attraction and moving it from the building in a timely manner.

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or leonardpickel@gmail.com

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