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SOLD! 6,600sf 2 Attraction Package with Carnival Games

These two custom 12 room walk-through attractions were designed by Dan Faupel of Creative Visions and built by Kale Na Creative Attraction Designs.  Built in 2018 and operated that year, the attractions have been stored dry and securely in two 40-foot, high top containers. (Containers are not included in the sale price but could be negotiated.)

Each 3,300sf modular unit is 64” X 52’ and were designed to be portable and a quick set up.

Package includes 226 individual painted wall panels coated with flame retardant paint, with 24 room designs. Each attraction has a 5m x 3.2m (15’x10’) vinyl panel façade signage. Staffing requirements are 15-24 actors plus 2-4 Ticket Takers: 2-4 and 1 Tech Support. 

Included in the Package:
Atmos FX projector
3DFX form projector
2 Mixers ( Xeny502, AuroZMX52)
2 Europower EP2000 Amplifiers
4 outdoor speakers – SpeckerLU47B)
50m Electrical cable
4 US power boards
9 Black lights
LED11 Strobe big shot light
Moon Flow effect light
8 masks
10 Main character costumes (5 for each haunt) 
10m of black flame retardant theatrical fabric

Not Included: electrical panel, emergency/exit lights, fire extinguishers, smoke fire alarm or compressor

Haunt 1 – Circus theme 
Approx. 110 wall panels, 4 special actor panels (ticket booth, kissing booth, jack in the box, drop crate) 9 door  panels, push through curtains, knife throwing board, 6 clown heads, VFX bungee clown head, checked actor  scare cloth, laser tunnel light, 3 drums, vibrating barrel, 8 wood crates, foam noodles, strobe lights, UV black  lights, airlines and connectors for pneumatic props. 

Room Designs: Ringmaster Ticket Booth, Carnival Games, Decapitated Clowns, Checkered Walls, Caged Freaks, Toy Room, Clown Dummies, Laser Vortex, Laughing Gas Tanks, Circus Storage, Noodle Overhead, Planted Victim

Haunt 2 – Coffin Warehouse theme 
Approx. 116 wall panels, 8 special actor panels (shelf scare wall, 2 x coffin scare wall curtain scare wall, FX  portrait wall, lunatic lattice, camo net, skull scare), 12 door panels, 5 lattice wall panels, push through curtains,  9 wooden coffins, corridor curtain fabric, shoes, 4 lenticular portraits, video projector with digital ghost,  inflatable body form, 6 church pews, 5 zombie dummies, fountain statue, 5 tombstones, low cemetery fence,  LED candles, camo netting, fake foliage, squishy bridge, skull & coffin vacuform panels, skull scare costume,  12” claustrophobia tunnel airbags with 2 blowers.

Room Designs: Coffin Factory, Foyer, Coffin Workshop, Coffin Storage, Curtain Corridor, Hall of Portraits, Chapel, Ghost Projection, Lattice Lunatic, Graveyard, Squishy Bridge, Tomb, Claustrophobia

Graveyard Scene 
Designed by Justin Green of Just imagine, this Haunted graveyard is a freestanding outdoor faux graveyard 30’x15’ (10 x 5m). Includes faux pillars, wrought iron fence panels, operable gates, mausoleum with control plinth, and 4 gravestones. The ideal setting for telling stories from the grave. 

Angry Crow Game 
Scarecrow carnival game based on Angry Birds, this bean bag toss game includes a creepy scarecrow on a stand and 5 crows. You then have to knock 5 crows off with bean bags to win. 

Burial Ting Toss 
Pneumatic Carnival Game -Faux Mausoleum Grave head stone with zombie hands that move as patrons try to toss a ring onto them. 

Kissing Booth 
Ideal for adding a creepy fun atmosphere, this Kissing Booth is ideal for social media. Scary performers pucker up for a kiss. 

Themed 4 x 4 walled marquee with internal scary backdrop. Setup allows actors to hide behind the backdrop and jump scare people as they were having a photo taken. 

Attractions and games are all in excellent condition. Mechanics, props, paint, all in excellent condition.


Attraction Floor Plans are available for serious buyers.

Owner is selling because of health reasons. 

Asking Price: $50,000

FOB Melbourne AUS – The containers can easily be shipped anywhere in the world by sea freight.

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email leonardpickel@gmail.com

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