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REDUCED PRICE! – 3,600sf Mixed Theme Haunted House

Operated IN 2020 and 2021, this 3,600sf 14 room, mixed theme haunted house includes a façade that can pass for a Hotel or Country House, and is 26’ wide by 16 tall. The scenes were updated each year.

The unit is stored in one 50’ and one 53’ semi-trailer. Both are road worthy and included in the sale. The purchase includes about 300 panels, 100 are wood frame, and 200 are metal frame with connections system.

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Staffing to operate: 30 actor, 2 ticket takers and 2 tech support.

Electrical equipment includes 2 generators and electrical connections, 50 plus light fixtures, 20 smoke detectors, and 10 emergency signs.

Plus: 30 masks, 50 costumes, four Bluetooth speakers, 20 fire extinguishers and 3 animatronics.

Signage, attraction name and URL/website/social media pages are also included in the sale.

Room designs include:
Mental Hospital
Toxic Waste Dump
Butcher Shop
Living Room
Children’s Bedroom
Seance room
Freezer/meat locker
Train Tunnel
Jack o lantern Forrest
Complete Darkness maze

Condition of the mechanics are very good, props are very good, artwork is fair, electrical is good, panels are good, and cosmetics are good.

Reason for selling: Owner is retiring from haunting.

Asking Price is $20 ,000
FOB Chicago, IL

For further information, please contact: Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or Email hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com