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“It’s just a haunted house… How hard could it be?”

asylim-facadeCreating a frightening attraction that provides safe, high entertainment quality while maintaining a profitable capacity that adheres to local building codes, that is economically built to provide the best opportunity to be profitable is more difficult than you might think. What you don’t know about owning, building and operating a Haunted Attraction could put you out of business before you scare a single person.

Check out the HAUNTING PROFITABILITY article to see the Hauntrepreneurs® vision of a profitable event!

A fright attraction designed by Hauntrepreneurs® Themed Attraction Design and Consulting has over 40 years of expertise behind it. Not only in fright design aspects of the patron experience, but decades of operational experience as well. Functionality, high capacity, ease of operation, quick actor substitution, quick set up, ease of alteration, code requirement issues are all solved in creative and time proven ways to make owning a Hauntrepreneurs® designed attraction as profitable and trouble free as possible. READ MORE


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